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Our mission and history

Our mission

As the world’s largest professional non-profit network of cancer patient support, the Cancer Support Community (CSC) is our goal to ensure that all people affected by cancer can live their lives. Aiming for a society where the program is utilized and supported by the local community.
In addition, the Cancer Support Community recommends governments of all levels to support people who have been disturbed by cancer.
The cancer support community is the Japanese branch of the Cancer Support Community.

Our history

Development of Japanese community

In 2000, Dr. Bunyoshi Takenaka changed the way we face cancer in Japan. Dr. Takenaka, a gastrointestinal surgeon and colorectal cancer survivor, has sought to create an organization in Japan that provides psychosocial support not only to cancer patients but also to family members, friends and caregivers. Dr. Takenaka received training in psychosocial support for those affected by cancer and their loved ones at The Wellness Community (TWC).
After returning to Japan, Dr. Takenaka strongly recommended mental care. Because of his cancer experience, he believed in a strong correlation between mental and physical health. Japan Wellness was established in Tokyo as a place for people suffering from cancer to receive appropriate support as the TWC Tokyo branch opened to the first local community in Japan.

54th Kikuchi Hiroshi Award

In 2006, Dr. Takenaka and Japan Wellness were awarded the 54th Kikuchi Hiroshi Award for their great contributions to the care of cancer patients and their families.

The world's largest cancer support organization

In 2009, The Wellness Community and Gilda’s Club Worldwide merged to form a federation under the name Cancer Support Community (CSC). As a result of this alliance, the Cancer Support Community is now one of the largest cancer support organizations in the world.

Dr. Takenaka Eternal Sleep

Unfortunately, in 2010, Dr. Takenaka took a nap. After Dr. Takenaka’s death, Dr. Takayuki Amami became the successor.

Renamed to cancer support community

In 2011, Japan Wellness was renamed the Cancer Support Community as CSC Japan Branch.vvv

Excellent NPO award

On January 17, 2019, the Cancer Support Community received the 6th Excellent NPO Grand Prize and Organizational Power Award.
The “Excellent NPO” Grand Prix aims to improve quality, support non-profit organizations that strive for improvement through self-evaluation, and aim to “visualize” society.

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Introducing the history of the cancer support community to date as a chronological chart based on the background of the times and trends in the medical industry.

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